Attractive, individually wrapped – and so inexpensive your happy customers keep them!

20-pair: 20 pairs of reading glasses plus window sticker for just $19.99 with free shipping. 

Restaurant owners, managers, and wait staff have all noticed: your customers forget their reading glasses and they ask you for help.

Statistics show over 65 million people need reading glasses, especially in lower lighting, and they cover the whole age range of any restaurant customer base.

Make your customers happy by offering them a pair of sanitary, individually wrapped reading glasses. Goodwill brings repeat customers – bigger orders, and bigger tips!

Why FoodieSpecs? It is fast becoming a service people expect. When people see the FoodieSpecs logo in your window or on your entry stand, they’ll know you care.

“I always forget my reading glasses – who doesn’t? It’s embarrassing and I’m not really comfortable using the glasses another customer left. I wish every restaurant had FoodieSpecs ! “

- Kathy Garver, Actress, Cissy on the 60’s TV show “Family Affair”